Mobile computers with keyboard
Easier to use, rugged and durable.
With a more flexible keyboard design, more advanced Android OS and removable battery, featuring higher protection rating, these mobile compuiters bring a new level of cost efficiency to a broad range of industries.
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This website should provide necessary information and local support for Chainway brand mobile devices – PDAs, handhelds and accessories. We are an Authorized distributor in EU and Exclusive distributor for Czech and Slovak Republic from 2013. We provide complete software and hardware support, service issues and warranty and non-warranty repairs. This brand is not well known in our region but is frequently used in Asia and South America in petrol industry, agriculture, health care or school transportation.
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Tried-and-true devices and top-notch features for reasonable money. That’s what we excel at.

Saves money
Save money due to advance possibilities of accurate data aquisition.
Quality components
All our devices are equipped with high quality modules from world-class manufacturers.
Unafraid of rough manipulation. Each device is designed for harsh industrial environment.

Global brand

Chainway has more than 4000 clients, covering over 100 countries and regions in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania. Our products and solutions are widely applied to retail, logistics, healthcare, mobile nursing, finance, fleet management, livestock, asset management, energy management, supply chain, large-scale exhibition, etc.
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Over 4000 satisfied Customers
Customers from over 100 countries

Industry Applications

Chainway data capture terminals are widely deployed in logistics, transportation, healthcare, finance, retail, electric power, livestock, manufacturing, security, warehousing, large-scale exhibition, etc.


Effective and accurate

Increase delivery speed and accuracy with Chainway devices.


Satisfied customer

Accurate identification and stock-taking. Instantly.


Intelligent Healthcare

Increased safety and comfort in healthcare.


Well-arranged warehouse

Smart and well-arranged warehouse due to Chainway devices.


Finance kept safe

Real-time monitoring of cash handover and movement.

Fleet Management

Overview of vehicles

Analysis of data from vehicles and increased traffic safety.


Automatic data reading

Read data from energy meters remotely.


Overview of each animal

Perfect overview of each animal’s origin since birth.